Thursday, September 29, 2016

I'm Embarrassed For You Already But It's Not Too Late to Get It Together

Well this is just fucking ridiculous. Sorry for the expletive right out of the gate, but that's how I feel. We skipped right over regular ridiculous and went straight to the big leagues.

Have you visited the internet lately?

I've been telling myself for a while now that I need to stay off social media, but have yet to follow through. I think that's about to change, though, because I CAN'T EVEN with the nonsense I've seen over the past week. The political arena (circus) went from bad to worse and I can only assume we can expect a further decline until November (if that's even possible). And Lord help us all when a winner is announced, because no matter who it is, a large portion of the population is going to lose their collective minds. 


Is it the end of times? I don't know but it feels like it could be the end of times. Calm down I'm being dramatic. 

I (for the most part) have resisted engaging in politically-fueled posts, because generally no good comes from it. It's easy to have a polite conversation when you agree with someone's OPINION, enjoyable even, but when someone offers a different point of view things can get dicey in a hurry. Even the most level-headed of people can become unreasonable if you challenge their way of thinking hard enough. 

Example: this one time my husband and I got into a heated argument after I bought Hidden Valley Ranch dressing instead of Kraft. Very serious business. He believes with every fiber of his being that the latter is superior. I, on the other hand, have functioning taste buds. We yelled at each other about it. YELLED. About RANCH DRESSING. My kids still refer to that as "The Great Ranch Dressing Debate of 2013". Definitely not one of our finer parenting moments, but at least I learned an important lesson in that it's just best not to argue with people who are wrong.  

I'm obviously kidding (not about the argument - that really did happen), but apparently these days that's what a difference of opinion means - the other person is WRONG. Plain and simple. No discussion. People sling insults like monkeys sling poo and I'm starting to consider wearing protective gear before I turn on the computer.  

It's so, so hard to deal with people who don't think like us. SO HARD, you guys. But it's possible. I know this because I've actually seen with my own eyeballs a few exchanges where there was no name-calling and no telling each other how stupid and wrong the other person was and no declaration of an impending unfriending. Instead of nonchalantly scrolling past as if that's the norm, I find myself  dumbfounded by such civility and compelled to stop by to congratulate these people on their ability to be KIND AND RATIONAL HUMAN BEINGS. 


Sad, sad, sad state of affairs we find ourselves in. Politeness and consideration have been thrown out the window like a half-eaten burrito, with little to no regard for who we hit in the face in the process. 


Oh, and another thing. 

Hilarious parodies and video mash-ups are like little rays of sunshine to my soul. I love a good meme. Cleverly captioned gifs make my heart sing. Obvi. BUT YOU GUYS. These are not where one should look for reliable political information. 

We are not this stupid, are we? The media is treating us like we've got shit for brains and guess what - that's exactly what they are turning into. Shit. And not even the hard kind that's been sitting in the yard for a few days. These people take whatever information is at hand and spin it whichever way necessary to make if fit their particular beliefs and get them the most attention. The most views. The most likes. The most shares. We sit and scroll and scroll some more and ingest it all like hypnotized morons. 



I don't know. It seems to me that sharing political opinions seems to be pretty pointless at this juncture. Most people have made up their minds and no amount of information (or MISinformation) is going to change it. Trump supporters are only willing to click on titles suggesting that he is the answer to all of America's problems and that Hillary is the anti-christ. Switch the names around in that sentence, and the same becomes true for Hillary supporters. You know I'm right. 
But if putting your current stance out there helps you sleep at night, FOR THE LOVE, fact check your information. 

A good place to start is by looking at the name of the website from which you got it. 

Hint: Any Facebook page that has the word "Conservative" or "Liberal" should give you pause. I'm not saying you shouldn't follow them or that they always offer inaccurate information, but there's a good chance that - at the very least - the information is biased one way or the other. And if the lead photo for the article has a picture of either candidate a side show act, SKIP IT. 

I'm giving you this piece of advice because if you are guilty of sharing articles suggesting things like "Hillary Eats Babies for Breakfast" and "Trump Recently Engaged to Daughter", you are just making yourself look like an idiot. I'm sorry to be so blunt, but it needs to be said. Those two headlines are obviously exaggerated examples, but they might as well not be because I swear to the heavens above that I come across at least 10 of these type posts a day and I'm like...No. Don't. Stop. Please. 


That's my exact face. I literally turn into Ross Gellar.

Come onnnnnn. TRY HARDER, AMERICA.