Monday, May 20, 2013

Right now, I Wish.

Right now, I am feeling helpless.

Because right now, I am reminded that life can change on dime.

And right now, I wish I was more than I am.

I am helpful. But, I wish I was helpful enough to really make a difference.

I am generous. But, I wish I was generous enough to give all that I have.

I am thankful. But, I wish I was thankful enough to never want for more.

I am content. But, I wish I was content enough to never wish days away. Even the hard ones.

Right now, I'm not wondering how I'm going to rebuild my life because I've lost everything.

Right now, I'm not grieving a child lost in a pile of bricks and stone.

For those things I am thankful.

But, right now, my heart is breaking for those who are.

Right now, I am thinking of you, Oklahoma. 


  1. It's a sad, sad week. Seems like our country has had it's share of tragedy lately.

    However, I love how no matter where you are, we all feel like we're in it together.

    1. It's sad how sometimes it takes a tragedy to make it feel that way.

  2. Very sad and we think it is going to get sadder.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley


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