Tuesday, April 23, 2013

This Makes Me Feel a Lot Cooler Than I Really Am

I'm stoked, y'all.

"Why's that?" you ask.

First of all, today is Wednesday. So, it's not Monday and we're halfway to Friday. So, that's good. And Wednesday is also our family's no after-school activities day. And that, my friends, is something worth celebrating.

But, most importantly...I'm on Scary Mommy today! Do you even know who that is? Well you should. But if not, her name in real life is Jill Smokler and she's a lady that could totally walk around with one of those t-shirts that says "I'm Kind of a Big Deal"...and mean it.  Because, yeah - she's hot shit.

She has written not one, but TWO books - the first of which was a New York Times best-seller. The second one was just released this month, but I have no doubt it will make its way to the top as well. It's called 'Motherhood Comes Naturally and Other Vicious Lies'. I know, right? Genius.

Click on this picture and the magic of the internet will swoop you right over to Amazon where you can buy those babies. (She didn't ask me to promote her books...I just figured it was the least I could do since she's letting me hang out with her for the day. Also? It's a really good book and I promote literacy.)

Plus she's real classy. She was on the Today Show (THE TODAY SHOW, Y'ALL!) and she didn't even laugh at Billy Ray Cyrus and his stupid outfit and ridiculous hairdo when he was sitting right in front of her. I could hardly believe my eyes because I don't think I would have been able to look at him with a straight face for longer than 0.2 milliseconds. He had on sunglasses, people. Inside the studio. I'm telling you - she's a real class act, this one.

Anyway. I'm over there using up her internet space talking about some of the ways life changes post-motherhood. Go here to read it and all of your wildest dreams will come true. (They totally won't but only because I bet some of you have some pretty whack dreams that are just a bunch of nonsense.) But, you might at least smile and nod your head a time or two.



  1. I love her Today Show interviews because Kathie Lee was the original Supermom, and you can totally tell that she hates the way Jill handles parenting. That lady would flip her lid if she saw the way we do things up in here.

    Congratulations on your feature! So exciting!

  2. How fab! I'll be heading over to check you out!

    She IS pretty fantastic. About a year ago she featured a post I did. You would have thought it was the end of times for me. Squealing and giggling and calling every fool I knew about it.

    She's the best.

    Congrats...can't wait to head that way!!

  3. You are all OVER the place, Big Pimpin'! Love it!

  4. Headed on over to check you out! Congrats!!
    <3 Kimbra

  5. You are like pretty much famous now... I live by a celebrity... and now I think you need your own T Shirt.

  6. I dont know her as my kid is older now and I stay away from self delusion but she sounds like a breath of fresh air...Im going to go check it out now! Thanks!PS love your site!


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