Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Voices in My Head

I can't think of anything to write about. Which is weird. Because my brain never shuts off. Never. It's annoying. I wish I could look forward to going to sleep for a short reprieve, but I typically have very vivid dreams (that I almost always remember) and I only wake up confused as to why we invited Craig T. Nelson over for dinner and also pissed because he complained about what I served. Very ungracious if you ask me. And especially irritating since I have to put up with that shit from my family so I sure as hell don't want to deal with it from guests. I really expected someone like Craig T. Nelson to have better manners.*

*Actual dream I had a few nights ago. I have no explanation for this.

Yesterday I was upstairs folding laundry when Charming walked in. My brow was furrowed, which tells him I'm in deep thought and that he should proceed with caution. He generally doesn't like hearing me say things like "I've been thinking," or "I have an idea." Potentially volatile conversations are sure to follow.

Charming (hesitantly): "Uh-oh. What are you thinking about?"

Me: "I think my blogging is making me a headcase."

Charming: "Your blogging is making you a headcase? How's that?"

Me: "Because of all the crazy thoughts. They never stop."

His unsettled look suggested I should elaborate.

Me: "Not like stab-you-in-your-sleep kind of crazy. More like the-thoughts-never-stop-and-if I-said-everything-I-was-thinking-out-loud-you-would-question-my-mental-stability kind of crazy."

Charming: "Well. Okay. I'm going to Lowe's to buy some paint."

And then he just looked at me and walked out of the room. Which tells me he probably wasn't all that concerned about being stabbed in his sleep in the first place.

And then I started thinking that if I actually said everything that went through my mind out loud then maybe he would take me more seriously. But then it might not be because of what I was saying but instead because I'd suddenly started walking around talking to myself all day. I don't know - it's all very confusing. Because sometimes there are so many thoughts at one time that I can't even piece them together in a way that is at all logical.

Kind of like this post.

And now you've just lost about a minute and a half of your life that you can never get back. I apologize. I promise to try harder next time.



  1. If Coach was complaining about your meal, it must not have been Crock Pot French Dips.

    Blogging has me in my head more, too. I am more emotional and more raw, and I can't decide if it's good or bad. I'll probably write about it when I have my feelings sorted out a bit.

    1. I totally should have made crock pot French Dips. Why didn't I think of that? Would have eliminated some hurt feelings.

      Glad to hear I'm not the only one on-board the crazy train.

  2. It was a well spent minute and a half. Any I love that, just when you think you might be connecting with your husband..."Ok, I'm gonna go buy paint." Just leave some scissors, the big stabby metal kind, on your bedstand and maybe he'll listen more.

    1. Thank you!

      Does Michael's sell big stabby metal scissors?

  3. It happens . . .

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  4. Oh my goodness. Do you have a secret crush on Coach??!! (I think that's what your dream means.) I don't judge, I have one on Tim the Toolman Taylor. Ha ha ha. And yeah, since I've been blogging, my thoughts never stop either. Now can you imagine if you were to stop blogging? I'm sure our thoughts would keep coming -- we'd for sure all be shipped off somewhere. Maybe we should take a remote island and dedicate it to crazy blogging people.

    1. I don't THINK I have a secret crush on Coach!? First dream I've ever had about him. And you're right - at least blogging gives me an avenue to get all of these crazy thoughts out of my head.

  5. Sooo I'm not the only crazy one in the surrounding area? My mind never shuts off... so hard to fall asleep (hence where my bargain hunting comes into play).. but I think it has gotten worse with the blogging... I have so many things running through my head regarding the blog..its just nuts.

    1. I can't even tell you how many times I've laid down to go to sleep and instead write an entire post in my head because I CAN'T SHUT IT OFF! So. Frustrating. And even more so when I can't remember what I "wrote" the next morning.


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