Thursday, April 18, 2013

It's Right There...Front and Center

Our country has seen its fair share of tragedy in the past year. It's been a lot to deal with.  Too much, in fact.

Some days it is hard to convince myself that I shouldn't pack up our family and go live in a cave. Remove us from society. Pretend that evil doesn't exist.

It is easy to feel like humankind has entered a perpetual spiral down a pit of despair. But you know what? The fight between good and evil has existed since the dawn of time. The media just wasn't there to capture and share the news with such immediacy.

I sat watching the Today show this morning as they discussed the week's tragedies and showed video footage of the horrific scenes. At first I could think only of how depressing and broken the world felt. In light of recent events, it's hard not to feel that way. But as I continued to watch and listen, I began to see something that wasn't depressing or broken at all.

Onlookers flocked to an area where bombs went off only minutes before. To render aid. Marathoners continued to run to area hospitals to give blood. To save lives. People opened their homes to displaced citizens, offering whatever they could to help complete strangers. To show compassion.

What was I seeing?  Bravery. Unity. Selflessness. I was seeing love.

There is SO much good in this world, y'all. For every one evildoer, there are so many more helpers. So many more heroes. In the wake of these tragedies I see evil in the background. But, in the foreground? In front of the fire and smoke and blood? I see good. And I have to believe that good will triumph. WE have to believe that good will triumph.

We will always grieve when faced with the unimaginable. We will mourn the lives lost and will question the reasons why. We will be heartbroken. We will feel afraid. And we may even begin to feel hopeless. The day of the bombing in Boston a quote by Mr. Rogers began quickly circulating around Facebook. A line of it said, "Look for the helpers." Yes. When we find ourselves feeling hopeless and afraid, we have to try - as hard as it may be - try to see the good. Try to see the helpers. Try to see the heroes. Try to see the hope. It's easy when you know where to look.

Because it's right out in front.


  1. Thank you for reminding us to look for the good. Giving credit to the evil doers is exactly what the devil wants. But what God does is show us that love and unity still exist... ESPECIALLY during times like these. He is so good and I believe that the world and the people in it are still essentially good.

  2. Agreed.In age of social media, I think "instant reporting" can make it feel like the world's falling apart. There's always been horrible things happening. We just get the details on everything now. Gotta focus on the good and not despair.

  3. Thank you so much for reminding me (and everyone) to look for the good and for the helpers.

  4. Yup, lots of helpers. BTW, just wanted to mention we might not be around too much for the next week. Mom just painted the kitchen and mudroom and she is getting ready to do the living room/hall/stairway. She says she hates painting, oops she said to put that in caps, HATES painting and these big projects are miserable. Me and Stanley hate them cuz we get lonely.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  5. You're totally right.

    There is still more good than bad in the world. It just seems the bad insists on taking center stage sometimes.

    It always feels good to help. Always.


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