Thursday, March 21, 2013

A Bunch of Stuff That Has Nothing To Do With Anything

I'm going to write this real fast-like because I've got a ton of shit to do but I've been feeling extremely negligent in that I haven't written anything in an entire week and I know you all are wringing your little hands with worry and are just minutes away from sending out a search crew.

No need for all that because I'm right here safe and sound in The Middle of Nowhere, California.

I've been super busy this week because my Mother-In-Law was in town and I had to be sure to create the illusion that I do more than sit around and play on Facebook and read blogs all day. So I did laundry and cleaned some things. Also we went out to lunch several times and drank wine and then followed it up with shopping. Charming says he will be limiting our time together from here on out as he believes her to be a bad influence and doesn't want me turning into a day drinker that sends us into bankruptcy. MIL, if you're reading this he didn't say that. (He totally said that.)

We are also heading to Disneyland this weekend and I can hardly wait. Lots of parents avoid it like the plague, but I love me some Disney. So does Charming. We are only taking the kids because its generally frowned upon to wander out of town and leave young children at home unattended.

I'm trying to decide if I want to get on the Ferris wheel again. It would be really good blog material because last time I freaked the freak out and almost shat myself because I am terrified of heights and neglected to consider that Ferris wheels go really high and also we got on the one that swings on a pendulum and I was just sure I was minutes from meeting my maker. Charming did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to calm me down because he couldn't stop laughing long enough to even TRY to convince me that I was not about to plummet to my death. Asshat.

So as to enjoy my family vacation and remain present, I will probably not be posting for a few days (except on Facebook because AS IF).

One last thing. I actually DID publish one thing this week, but it was at a friend's corner of the internet. Her name is Kyla and her blog is Mommy's Weird. She hails from Canada and says things like "go on holiday"  and other fancy sounding stuff. We've developed an online friendship that most people just dream about. You know, where we post random shit on each others Facebook pages and send emails riddled with profanity. She STILL owes me one of those BFF necklaces that she promised me months ago and I'm starting to think she's a bit of a liar.

If you haven't checked it out yet, PLEASE DO! I give Victoria's Secret the what-for they have so long deserved. I still can't believe she let me pollute her page and I am eternally grateful.

Until next time (as long as I don't fall out of the Ferris wheel)!


  1. Tell Charming to leave the Mickey hands at home. No need to scar the children.

  2. Pollute away! Have fun on your "holiday"!

  3. You chose a good week to slack off, as I have read almost zero blogs this week. I've seen you on Facebook, though, because while I may not have time for blog reading, I always have time for FB. Even though I'm still mad at FB.

    Have a great trip. If you do go on the Ferris Wheel, have your husband take a picture. In case you want to blog about it. And in case we want to laugh about it.

  4. Have a wonderful trip! I am a new follower to your blog and look forward to reading often

  5. Hope you guys had fun!! And we all know you do more than sit around on Facebook all day... you drink and blog too ;)


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