Monday, February 18, 2013

My Friday Nights are Kick-Ass

As I was vacuuming the living room Friday night...

Hold up. Did you read what I just wrote? I was vacuuming ON A FRIDAY NIGHT. Don't be jealous.

I remember looking forward to Friday nights because it meant meeting up with friends and hanging out late. Having dinner at a cool restaurant, maybe followed by drinks at a bar, then coming home to an empty house...

I still look forward to Friday nights. But now it's because I know Friday is a definite take-out night and I don't have to fight kids to get up for school the next morning. Also, since I can wear my pajamas and drink coffee until noon on Saturday if I want, the wine is freeeee flowing.

Back to me vacuuming. I like to listen to music while I'm tidying up around the house. I have a super cool and eclectic iPod playlist, so right after a fun sing-along with Hall & Oates' "I Can't Go For That", Katy Perry's "Last Friday Night" came next in the line-up. Being that I'm so hip and current, I know all the words. Are you familiar with this song? It's important that you are so you can follow along with the rest of the post. If you're not as cool as I am, do a quick YouTube search and get caught up. I'll wait.

Are we good? Okay. So, my Friday nights have never been quite as crazy as sweet little Katy describes, but as I was listening to the song and singing along, I realized there really needs to be a version of this song for people with kids. So I made one. You're welcome.

Last Friday Night - We're Parents Now

There's some kids up in our bed
There's a pounding in our heads
Legos all over the room
Step on that shit and you will fume

Dog turds all over the yard
Played Wii Fit and it was hard
Use to have fun barbecues
Now we shop for children's shoes

Stayed up late last night
Almost half past nine
We're old
Oh, well
It's a simple fact
We are parents now

Last Friday night
We watched Phineas and Ferb
Took the trash out to the curb
Watered our own homegrown herbs

Last Friday night
Mickey D's takes credit cards
Spilled their milk all in the car
Glad we don't live very far

Last Friday night
Took a bike ride in the park
Rushed to make it home by dark
Can I sneak out to the bar?

Last Friday night
Nerf darts all over the house
Is this ketchup on my blouse?
I'm so sick of Mickey Mouse

This Friday night
Do it aaaaalllll again. 


Just one click to show some love for my awesome songwriting skills.


  1. lol .. loved it ... btw ... i was singing the whole thing .. i dont have lil ones except the grandson on occassion .. but this does bring back memories ... you rock it lady !

    1. Thanks! It's a pretty catchy tune (the real one, that is).

  2. You are obviously on your way to fame with those song writing skills!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley
    Online Doods

    1. I've got all kinds of skillz. You don't even know.

  3. Bahaha!
    That's so perfect. <3
    I give it 5 stars.

    1. Why thank you. Thank you very much.
      I like 5 stars.

  4. I think we new a follow up video.....

    1. I don't know that I can oblige. My song-writing is a lot better than my singing. So that should tell you something about how bad my singing is.

  5. Pure genius. I loved this so damn much!

  6. ...and now I will sing it with your lyrics until forever. Please make a video of you singing it. Please?!

    1. There are lots of bloggers that could get away with such nonsense; I, however, do not believe that I am one of them. I don't want to scare everyone away!

      (But don't think for one second that this idea didn't cross my mind.)

  7. Hahahaha!!! Totally sang your version in my head while I read it! Well one crazy Friday night after you vacuum and sing your jam.. Your blog stalker living around the corner should take a walk roudn the block and bring a bottle of wine with her. ;)

    1. Any time. You know how often Charming is out of town. Wine drinking commence.

  8. Great song. Perfectly describes my Friday nights.

    1. You're in for some wild and crazy Friday nights when you become a mom. Amirite?

  9. Your description of a typical Friday night is EXACTLY why I love my Friday nights now, too! I used to love to go out and skank it up with my friends on Friday nights (looovely description, isn't it?), but now my Fridays are just like yours. I couldn't have said it better myself!!

  10. If you ever decide to make the video, I have a Katy Perry-esque blue wig you could borrow...leftover from my pre-kids days...


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