Saturday, December 1, 2012

Saturday Share - Week 1

Hey ere'body! Happy Saturday!

I've mentioned before that I have really upped my game on blog reading lately. It's so much fun and I love exchanging snarky, smart-ass comments with people who share my interests...making fun of themselves and playing on Facebook and Twitter.

You know that part in "Step-Brothers" where Dale and Brennan figure out they have a whole bunch of things in common and Brennan says "Did we just become best friends?" and Dale says "Yep!" and then they go do karate in the garage? Well, I've had several moments like that out in the blogosphere. But with less karate.

Since I haven't come up with anything "gimmicky" yet to do with my blog, I decided I'd start with a "Saturday Share". Since everyone is looking for a way to spend even more time being unproductive reading and gaining knowledge online, I thought at the end of each week I'd share a blog I've found and enjoy. Because sharing is caring and, let's face it, I'm pretty damn caring. And good things come to those who care. Or is it to those who wait? Either way.

I'll start things off with a blog that I stumbled upon a few weeks ago through "Blogging While Mom".  She calls herself "Funny is Family". I read her blog and found out that she only started blogging about a month before me. I sent her an email asking her some questions about a few things I hadn't figured out yet. She had no idea who I was, but she was kind enough to email me back and was super nice and helpful so she automatically went on my "list of awesome strangers that I'd probably be best friends with if we didn't live on opposite sides of the country". She's funny and snarky and makes fun of parenting. So, yeah.

Well, that's the share for this week. Look for more in weeks to come. Do you have a blog? Do you know of one I should check out and possibly share? Send me a link!


  1. Well yeah . . . my blog!

    Your Pals Who Went Undercover Today with Santa's Reindeer (tomorrow's post),

    Murphy & Stanley

  2. Yay! Thank you so much for the kind words. I really enjoy reading your blog, and I love that we are pretty much on the same timeline as newbies. Sisterhood!

    1. I'm very excited about the Saturday Share! I have found so many great blogs since starting this. Amazing how many like-minded women are out there. Makes me feel a little less...crazy?

  3. If you ask me, I think there should be more karate-ing in the blogishpere. Perhaps we could be partners? Or, you know, maybe we'll just drink wine.

    1. I agree there should be more karate-ing. Or wine drinking karate-ing even. That would be something. We should definitely try it.


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