Thursday, November 8, 2012

Man's Best Friend

We have two dogs. One of them is a shih-tzu/poodle mix - I believe they call them "designer dogs" these days. The other is a rescue - we think a mix of shepherd and heeler and who knows what else. So, basically they're both mutts.

They do stupid and annoying things on a routine (pretty much daily) basis. If the little one (Oliver) makes his last trip out to the bathroom before 10 p.m., there is at least a 75% chance that he's going to poop somewhere in the house during the night. The middle of the living room floor seems to be his preferred dumping ground (pun intended). If he's being especially generous, he'll leave a second pile for me in the middle of the entry way rug. He's giving that way. He is also obsessed with chasing balls. We have to hold him down when the children are playing with one in the backyard or he will steal it and run. "Sharing is caring" is not a motto he has chosen to live by.

When we first got the big one (Autumn) a little over a year ago from a local rescue group, she went through quite an adjustment period (as did we) getting used to her new family. She would panic and destroy things when we left her alone. Expensive things. Like Nikon cameras and PlayStation remote controls (I'm still trying to shake those two things off). It took a few months, but she finally chilled out and is one of the most loving dogs I've ever been around. Now she just rearranges throw pillows while we are out. She collects them from the couches, the chairs, and the beds, and puts them in the middle of the living room floor. There's also a stuffed animal she seems to fancy that belongs to Dimples - a monkey (one of those Build-a-Bear things) - that I have found twice in the living room floor with his clothes removed. She did, after all, come with some baggage.

They bark when the doorbell rings, they dig holes in the flower beds, they get muddy, they climb on the furniture, and they chew holes in our dirty socks. They have to be bathed, and groomed, and boarded when we go out of town. They need shots and heartworm medicine and pills to ensure they don't get fleas. THEY ARE REAL PAINS IN THE ASS.

I found myself feeling especially discouraged about the human race after hearing and reading a barrage of negative comments over the past few days regarding the election. I came home from running errands and they met me at the door with "smiles" on their faces and tails merrily wagging. They didn't care if I'd been gone two weeks or two hours. Nothing could have made them happier at that moment than me walking through the door. It's really hard not to cheer up - at least a little - when you've got your own personal welcoming committee every time you enter the house.

I complain about our dogs and their antics regularly. But yesterday I thought about some of the things that make them (and pets in general) kind of awesome.

1. They eat out of metal bowls on the floor and I scoop their food (that I don't have to cook) out of a plastic bin that we keep in the garage.
2. If I yell at them they don't yell back. Or cry. Or roll their eyes. Or say "whatever".
3. I never have to get out the broom when I drop food on the floor. And they have yet to complain about what I made for dinner.
4. If they are getting on my nerves, I can put them in the backyard all day long and no one will report me to the authorities.


5. They don't give a shit who is President.

You mean to tell me that YOU'RE not President?!?


  1. Oh, I could go on and on about the wonderful things about Autumn and Oliver! They are love machines! Personally, I think they both need to go running. Even Oliver, just not as far. It would keep him regular. Just sayin'

    Your Pal,


    1. They get to go on walks pretty regularly. And we have a big fenced-in back yard so they can run and play fetch. Oliver loves to play fetch. Well, he likes to play "I'll run after the ball then you come chase me to get it back".

  2. I totally agree with the love/dislike relationship with dogs!!!
    Has one ever chewed the bumper of your car or the fender of your Corvette????

    1. Can't say that we've had that happen. Of course, we don't have a Corvette...maybe those fenders taste better??

      We've however lost plenty of furniture, carpet, pillows, and sheetrock at the hands, I mean mouths, of our furry little friends.

  3. We all have a love/dispise relationship with our dog Bitsy. She barks constantly when outside, poops on the floor five minutes after we let her back inside (yes...she literally HOLDS IT IN while outside just to tick me off), scratches at my bedroom door until I let her in each morning, and I could go ON and ON! But, For some reason we love the little mutt. Who else is going to sit on my feet while I watch TV to keep them warm? Who else is going to let me know when someone is coming up to the house even before they've started up the sidewalk? Who else is going to lick up every single crumb so I never have to sweep? Dang dog.

    1. Cuteness and willingness to snuggle will take you places. At least that's my claim for why all of our dogs have been allowed to stick around.

  4. They are super cute (as is the rug they're sitting on). One of my favorite quotes -- not the dumb-ass one from Kate Moss about being skinny -- is: Dogs may not be your whole life, but they make your life whole. Amen. I still miss my yellow lab Maddy every single day and she died 6 years ago. She never cared for politics but she loved the hell outta me.

    1. We have lost several dogs over the years and it is so hard. We always say we aren't going to get another one, yet here we are. They add so much to your life while they are with you, that it is worth the heartache it brings when they have to cross that rainbow bridge.


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