Thursday, October 18, 2012

Shame One, Shame All

Since starting this blog, I've spent an above average amount of time on the internet checking out other "Mom blogs" to see what attracts readers. I'm finding that most people are drawn to humor, with a dash of sarcasm and a pinch of self-deprecation. I'm down with that recipe.

There is apparently a new "shaming" trend circling its way around. It started with dog shaming, where owners take pictures of their dogs exhibiting bad behavior. It's funny, and I can relate because we have two 4-legged little assholes that are sure to make their way into a post sooner or later for their antics - like peeing on the leg of my dining room chair or something equally disgusting.

Mommy Shorts did a piece on "baby shaming" . It is frigging fantastic and if you have kids, know anyone that has kids, or have ever seen a kid, you will read it and laugh. If you have no sense of humor, don't bother. Really. Don't. And, why are you here?

As moms, I think in general we work pretty hard to get the job done. We make the lunches, bring the team treats, shuttle to music lessons, attend the school plays, take the pictures (that sometimes never make it out of the land of megapixels but whatever), make sure the homework gets done, plan the birthday parties, clean up the puke, wipe the tears (and noses and rears), give the pep-talks, etc. etc. The list goes on times infinity. And that doesn't even touch the moms that fit in a 40 or more hour work-week, OR the gazillion household chores that come on top of everything else. Sometimes it becomes too much and our give-a-shits plummet to zero.

Cue the "Mom-Shaming". I think I am correctly crediting the source when I say that the brilliantly hilarious Mom over at The Divine Secrets of The Domestic Diva started this new trend. If not, my apologies...I tried. I'm not caught up on all blogging etiquette just yet, so I won't put her mom-shaming picture on my post, but you can see it for yourself here.

There is also a new Facebook page dedicated solely to mom-shaming photos. This trend is catching on! Why do you think that is? Somebody let the cat out of the bag. You don't have to be mom-perfect all the time! What a relief. So, you hid in the closet and ate the entire bag of Halloween candy? So, what! You made the kids stay in the other room and told them you had to "work" so you could catch up on all your DVR'd shows? Ya do whatcha gotta do. These are the moments we can share with one another and realize - we're all moms trying make it through the day, often clinging for dear life to the string of what's left of our sanity. It is so REFRESHING to find out you are not alone in your mom shortcomings! Perhaps the time is finally (though way overdue) approaching where the expectation of total mom-perfection is banished and our flaws, in all their glory, are allowed...even encouraged, to be exposed. One can only hope. Because I can rock mediocrity.

I love a little self-shaming so, of course, I have to get in on this gig. Oh, which moment of mom-shame do I choose? There are just so many.

It was Saturday. I was at the grocery store because it was our turn to bring treats for the soccer team. My cell phone rings.

C: "Where's his soccer uniform?"

Me: "In the closet I guess."

Quick memory jog. Oh no. I remember seeing it when I was sorting laundry. Please tell me I did that load. Shiiiiiiitttttt. I didn't.

Me: "Ahem. Look in his hamper. Please tell me it's not there."

C: "Yup. Here it is."


Me: "I'm a failure. I'll be home in 10 minutes."

Here's what I did (due to time constraints, of course)...

What he doesn't know won't hurt him. (Excuse the blurry photo. This is what happens when you have an 11 year old take your picture.  And having your children help you proclaim your mom shame is probably a shame in and of itself.)

He had no idea until he found the sign I used for this picture. He said, "Mom. Really? Please. Don't do that again. is kind of funny."



  1. We want a clearer sign. Oh, and another for that asshole remark. Just sayin' . . . gotta stick up for my brothers there.

    1. You might feel differently if you met them. They can pull some doozies.


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