Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Love and Marriage

A couple of nights ago Charming and I got into an argument over blue cheese crumbles. I shit you not. Blue cheese crumbles! These are the kinds of stupid arguments we have. They are short lived and always end up with us laughing at their utter ridiculousness. But still.

When it comes to major life decisions, we handle it like a couple of champs. Should we have another baby? Major life decision. Let's discuss. How do you feel about moving across the country for my job? That's big. We should talk about it. What should we do for dinner? Brace yourself for World War III.

We were driving down the road over the weekend and saw a couple riding a tandem bicycle.

Me: "We should probably try that."

Charming: "..."

Unanimous laughter.

If we tried this...

 It would no doubt end like this...

The problem is that we are a couple of smartasses. Sarcasm pulses through our veins thicker than the plasma running along beside it.  It only takes one snide comment from one of us for the tongue lashings to commence.

Charming: "Do you think you could knock it off with the smartass remarks and we could discuss this like a couple of adults?"

Me: "Well, I don't know. Is there an adult around here I could speak with?"

Charming: "You're impossible. I'm not having this conversation until you are ready to act like a grown-up."

Me: "Then I guess you won't be having it, because being a grown-up SUCKS. But, I guess you wouldn't know."

It's called maturity. Be amazed.
(I intentionally put me as the "bad guy" here. I could have easily switched the roles around and it still be an accurate retelling.)

There's a little yelling, an hour or so of giving each other the silent treatment, then undoubtedly something will come up that forces us to speak to each other and - without fail - we will end up laughing at how absurd we have behaved. I kind of love that about us. Never a dull moment.

Every couple should know their limits. Charming says tandem biking is ours. "We're not stupid. We know better than that."

He's right. We do.

You know what's NOT stupid? Voting for me in this contest.

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  1. Your arguments are very entertaining for the rest of us though!


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