Monday, October 1, 2012

Locked in the Vault

I've been notified by Charming that George Strait is doing a farewell tour next year. He is coming to Central California in January and February and Charming has committed to buying tickets for us to go. Yay! I'm from Texas, an old-school country music fan, and a small-town girl at heart, so this makes me happy.

I find it especially fitting that we attend his farewell tour since we attended one of his first concerts together as kids. We really did. It was probably around 1986 - late Springish, and he played at Arlington Stadium (where the Texas Rangers used to play). We were in 4th grade and he was "my friend who was a boy" that lived across the street. My Dad let me invite him to go with us to the game and then stay for the concert afterward.

So, here we are at the baseball game together. Charming is, and always has been, a HUGE baseball fan. He was loving that part of the outing. I was a 10-year-old girl, so to me it was a total bore. But, I was willing to endure it because George was coming up. GEORGE! I remember this decade vividly as the one in which I was in love with George Strait. I knew every word to every song he sang. My cousin and I would crank our cassette tapes of George up on the old "jam box" and belt that shit out at the top of our lungs. Plus, he was HOT. And, yes, I recognized this when I was 10.

The game is FINALLY over.'s time. George comes out on stage. And I am ecstatic. Elated. I'm cheering and clapping and jumping up and down - like silly 10 year old girls (and grown adult women) do in response to male musicians - while Charming sits in his seat completely uninterested. I, of course, couldn't give less of a shit because we're in 4th grade and completely self-absorbed. I'm happy right now and that is all that matters in the whole entire world.

I'd say he sings 3 or 4 songs when Dad notices Charming's disinterest and asks if we're tired. Are we ready to go home?
Me: "No."
Charming: "Yes."

WHA??? Did he just say "Yes"?! You have got to be kidding me. I sat through an entire professional baseball game and he can't sit through a few songs...that were destined to be country music LEGEND, I might add? If this would have happened present day, it would have gone something like this:
Charming: "I'm bored. I've got other fun things I could be doing and I don't want to stay any longer."
Me: "Guess you better find a ride."
The end.
Of course, at the age of 10 I'm unable to appropriately share my feelings of disgust, so I pout instead.

Me: "Why do you want to leave?"
Charming: "Well, if it's not too late when I get home, I get to go swimming."

Ohmigod. Huh? Swimming? He wants to leave a George Strait concert to go swimming. What. A. Jackass.

Me (to my Dad): "Fine. Let's go."

So, we leave. We didn't speak the whole way home. I keep forgetting to ask him if he did get to go swimming that day. But it's really beside the point.

Back to the original conversation about the farewell tour.

Charming: "George Strait is doing a farewell tour next year. I really want to take you. Tickets go on sale next week so I'm going to buy them."

Me: "Sounds fun! Let's do it."

Approximately 20 seconds pass.

Me (smirking): "You gonna ask to leave early so you can go swimming?"

Charming: "I swear, woman. If you were anyone else, I'd say "F-You" right now."

Me: "I know. But I'm not. So, let this be yet another reminder. Infractions - both big and small - are LOCKED IN THE VAULT. Forever. It's a curse, really."

Charming: "No shit."


  1. That is AWESOME!!! I say you get to arrive early - stay late and get whatever SWAG you want from the souvenir booth!! You have waited too many years to mention for this! :)

    1. If you only knew how many times I've brought this subject up over the years!

  2. LOVE this. Do you remember the karaoke/headphone/mic/recording machine I had where we could record ourselves to cassette too?! Wish I still had the machine - and the recordings! :) Enjoy the concert. I wouldn't mind going to bid him farewell, but pretty certain that won't happen.

    1. I actually do remember that thing and was laughing about it as I was writing this. I think you must have had the first karaoke machine ever! And a pretty extensive collection of cassettes to go with it if I remember correctly!

  3. You need to tell this to the George Strait people so they can bring you on stage and George can look into your eyes and sing to you.

  4. So funny - I can't imagine having 27 years of dirt locked in a vault ready to throw out when the moment is right. Awesome! Love the blog, by the way. I've added it to my Google Reader now :)

    1. Thanks for reading!
      Oh, the dirt I have on this man!

  5. Just the other day, we were having a conversation andI reminded my husband of something he had previously said. His response, "How long ago was that?" My response, "25 years ago,but what's your point?" I choose to think of it as a gift, rather than a curse, although I'm sure he would think otherwise :)


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