Friday, October 19, 2012

It Takes a Facebook Village

My brain melted last night so I don't have much to write about. Forming coherent thoughts is proving to be a challenge so far this morning. My apologies for typos and incomplete sentences. I need coffee. In an i.v.  But I'll share this short story.

Here's what happened: Tink comes to me for help with a math word problem. I read it, and then read it again...and again. I used to be able to process this kind of information. Now it looks very much like this:

WTF. But, exactly.

We work together diligently for at least half an hour trying to arrive at a correct answer. Something about prime numbers and composite numbers and factors and a multitude of other nonsense. I have a few mathematically inclined friends so I decided to put the problem on Facebook. (Facebook can solve anything.) In the middle of doing so, Charming calls.

C: "What's going on with you guys?"

Me: "I'm trying to help Tink with a math problem. We can't figure it out. I'm going to put it on Facebook. Someone will be able to tell us the answer."

C: "That's cheating. Besides, I can figure it out. Read it to me."

Of course he can! It momentarily escaped my attention that I was married to Einstein.
So I read it to him.

C: "Huh? Read it to me again. And WTF is a composite number?"

I google "composite number", read him the definition, then read the problem to him again.

C: "That's bullshit. Nobody cares about prime numbers or composite numbers or any of that other shit in real life. What else is going on?"

I'm so glad he was there for us.

Thankfully, a few of my math whiz FB friends saved the day. Tink will be able to turn in her homework and proudly know that even if her Mom is too stupid to do 6th grade math, at least her Mom's friends aren't. Thanks to those of you that were part of that 53 comment string.

That age old saying is oh so takes a village.


  1. Happy to help.. oh.... That's right... I didn't..... I'm still looking up thhe definition of the word math... Then i will work my way up to prime and that other bullshit word you threw at us... Guess that means charming was right afterall.. lol. :)

    1. If it gets much more complicated, I'm going to have to start attending class with her. I've had 2 children and slept since my last algebra class so I'm down to a couple of brain cells that don't get along.

  2. Gotta say, when we say how many comments were coming in on that one we were impressed. After all, it is math!

    Your Very Cute, adorable friends,

    Murphy & Stanley

    1. It turned out to be quite entertaining. Tell your Mom we said thanks for her contribution.

  3. My favorite line, "I'm so glad he was there for us".


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