Monday, September 24, 2012


"Where are you going? Why did you get dressed up today?"

This is the reaction I get from Dimples when I put on anything other than workout wear in the morning. Or if I just match my shirt to my shorts...still workout wear.  (Because if I at least wear the clothes, I'm one step closer. Yes.)

We live less than a mile from the kids' school. Because most days I'm just not up for the whining about far it is, how hot it is, how cold it is, how long it takes, or why I feel the need to torture them so early in the morning, we usually just drive. Round trip - garage to garage (I clocked it today) - is 7 minutes. When someone can give me a good, solid reason why I need matching clothes or make-up for a 7 minute round-trip school drop off (where I don't even have to get out of the car), I'll put on my pearls and heels. Just kidding, I hardly ever wear pearls. Or heels.

But, seriously...I'm going home to - in all likelihood - clean something. Or fold something. Or cook something (okay, this one doesn't happen very often. Unless the crock pot counts). By myself. All day long. There are quite a few days (not ALL days - I do leave the house on occasion) that the only times I have a reason to venture out is to drop the kids off, and pick them back up. Why get dressed up for that?

HOWEVER, I admit I should probably step it up a notch - or two - in the wardrobe department. Every aspect of it. A few nights ago, Charming started laughing hysterically when I came out of the bathroom after getting ready for bed. "What?" I ask. I was wearing some of my favorite "jammy pants" as I like to call them (valentine themed - little hearts all over them with a red drawstring - very cute if I may say so), and an old stretched out polo shirt that was once his (multi-colored stripes). It was an awesome ensemble, really. He said to me, "Please. Take some money. Buy some matching sleepwear. I don't even mean lingerie. I mean buy some bottoms. Then buy some tops to match. They can even be long pants and long sleeves. I don't care. Just match for crying out loud."


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  1. I just found your blog, so far: Love it! What your Charming said made me laugh.


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