Saturday, September 29, 2012

My Biggest Fan

When I started considering this blogging, Charming and I had a few conversations about how he felt about it and what I would write. This is a re-cap of our first one. I will cherish it always.

Me: "You know I'm thinking about starting a blog."

Charming: "Yeah."

Me: "Well, what do you think about that?"

Charming: "I'm not going to read it."

Me: "Huh?!? Why not?"

Charming: "What if I don't think it's funny? I probably won't. I'm funnier than you. You'll just get mad if I don't think it's funny."

Me: "Don't be an asshole. And you're NOT funnier than me. Besides, you don't have a blog."

Charming: "..."

Me: "You better read it. And you better check yourself. Now that I'll have a blog, when you piss me off I can spread that shit all over the internet."

Charming: "Okay, I'll read it."

Me: "You're right you'll read it. And then you'll get out your pom-poms and cheer me on like Richard effing Simmons."

**Update: 5 months in, and he STILL doesn't read it. Asshat.**

Do YOU think he should read it? Click here. Not that it will change anything,  I just couldn't think of anything else to say. But, seriously. Click it. Please?


  1. Seriously, he thinks he is funnier? Ha!

  2. You both are funnier than shiz! And shiz is pretty funny! My thoughts on the last post...too short! :). I'll have you know I woke up this a.m. and ran to see if you had done the daily post! Thanks for giving me something new to look forward to but no thanks for making me even more unproductive than I already was!

  3. I totally agree with the Gardeners!


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